Boys Teams

Boys from the Real Shore Program participate in some of the states biggest programs including the Talent Identifcation Program. Some players that participate in this program go on to play on the national team. The directors and trainers of Real Shore Lakewood are very excited that our players from the U-12 boys team and the U-11 boys team continue to be invited to train with Tony William, Youth Director for the Eastern Development Program. The Eastern Development Program TIP is a program that elevates our special players and provides them opportunity to excel to the very highest level.

U-10 (New Development Training Team - Fall 2014)

U-12 Strikers
Head Coach: Sean Smith
Asst. Coach: Rob Bryceland
Manager: Mike Maguire
League: EDP

U-14 Bulldogs
Head Coach: Ed Lucas
Asst. Coach: Jack Byrnes
Asst. Coach: Steve Ferebee
League: MAPS